Hôtel-Restaurant Les Détroits, Gorges du Tarn
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The Gorges of TarnThe Gorges of TarnThe Gorges of Tarn
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On Tarn flows
Ste Énimie

« La Maison Bleue »
 See in La Malène our cordial lodging for 6 people. 


The climbing
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Sport     Relaxation

Gorges of Tarn,
a world to be explored
La Croze, picturesque village
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You will be our hosts, in this exceptional site, in the heart of the Straits. With us, you will plunge in the intimacy of the canyon of the Tarn.

The flora is incomparable with its orchises, its grassettes... To also discover, fawn-coloured vultures of the View-point of Truel, beavers, horses of Przewalski, wolves of Gévaudan...

The Straits, the main jewel of Gorges of Tarn
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Within a radius of 20 km around the «Straits» one discovers La Croze, the Cirque of Beaumes, the Step of Souci, the Sublime Point, the Rock of Hourtous, La Malène, Hauterives, Ste Enimie...

The fishing lovers will find in the limpid waters of the Tarn : trouts, barbels, gudgeons, minnows...
Close to the site of the Castle of La Caze, on 1500 m a course "without killing" is placed at the disposal of the fishermen.

Water pleasures
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      Finally you will be able to admire the Armand Swallow-hole, the Caves of Dargilan or to go walking in the sites of Nimes or Montpellier le Vieux.

Hiking on the Causses
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For other precise details you can visit
The Web of Causses and Gorges of the Tarn

      «Chèques Vacances» accepted       No Smoking       Animals accepted       Blue Cards accepted      
Open : April 29 to September 26 2019
Contact us : lesdetroits@gmail.com
Hôtel "Les Détroits" - D907bis, Gorges du Tarn, - 48210 La Malène
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